* Welcome to Greca Choi Kwang-Do *

We would like to officially welcome you to the Greca Choi Kwang-Do website.

As representatives of Choi Kwang-Do International, we would like to take this
opportunity to welcome you to the study of Choi Kwang-Do. Choi Kwang-Do
was developed by 9th Degree Grandmaster Kwang Jo Choi as a superior form
of exercise, self-defense training, and as a means towards realizing one's
highest mental and physical potential.

Choi Kwang-Do - which means “the way of Kwang Choi”.  It is designed to be
a devastating self-defense system while enhancing overall health and fitness.  
Choi Kwang-Do provides the most effective martial arts system for today's
modern society that is easy to learn - yet provides a complete health system
for both body and mind.

With our focus on discipline, character-development, and positive mental
attitude through our children's martial arts programs and our adults martial arts
programs, Choi Kwang-Do provides an enriching experience and valuable
opportunity for students of all ages and abilities. Choi Kwang-Do follows a strict
code of principles: humility, honesty, gentleness, perseverance, self-control,
and unbreakable spirit.

Our martial arts classes provides students with a fun and safe environment to
train in while learning valuable life enhancing skills in the pursuit of Optimum
Health, Practical Self-Defense, and Personal Development!

Pil Suhng  (Certain Victory)
Location:  Belleville, Michigan  USA
Student of the

We Are A Proud Affiliate of Choi Kwang-Do Martial Art International

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Action Martial Arts Star Silvio Simac Visits Our School

Mr. Craig Greca Article in Belleville Independent

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25th Anniversary Choi Kwang-Do Seminar

An outstanding time was had by all during our 25th Anniversary
Seminar, Contests, and Festivities!  Grandmaster Choi was absolutely
outstanding all week - the instructor training, meetings, exams, and
of course for the seminar!

A special mention for our Team 7 Group that received 3rd Place
overall at the 1st International Team 7 Contests.

Also, congratulations to Cassidy Shafer for her 2nd Place overall
trophy for patterns in the 1st International Contest.

Our Demo Team also did an outstanding job during their
performance.  We are proud of you guys!

Puerto Rico Seminar Coming September 2012!
Next International Seminar for the 25th Anniversary of CKD in the UK
coming in 2013!

Pil Suhng!
The March Calendar is on the schedules page!


You can expect an outstanding event for our Greca CKD

Contests on Saturday, March 16th.
Don't miss out on the exciting performances of your Greca CKD students!

Pil Seung!
Happy 26th Anniversary
of Choi Kwang-Do!

We wish you all exciting training
for our CKD celebration!
Tim Bowles
March 2013