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Location:  Belleville, Michigan  USA

We Are A Proud Affiliate of Choi Kwang-Do Martial Art International

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10665 Belleville Rd    Belleville, Michigan  48111    (734) 697-1950
Testing Eligibility Attendance Requirement*
Rank / Time Between
Attendance Requirements
White Belt
1 Month
6-8 Classes
White Senior
2 Months
10-12 Classes
Yellow Belt to Brown Senior
2 Months
14 Classes
IL Dan Test
2-3 Months
24 Classes
2 BB Evaluations Minimum
IL Dan Stripes
3 Months
20 Classes
EE Dan Test
3-6 Months
30 Classes
2 BB Evaluations Minimum
EE Dan Stripes
6 Months
42 Classes
SAM Dan Test
6-9 Months
60 Classes
2 BB Evaluations Minimum
SAM Dan Stripes
12 Months
84 Classes
SA Dan Test
12 Months Minimum
120 Classes
2 BB Evaluations Minimum
Must be running a CKD Program
Private Exam with Master
Instructor / Faculty Member
May Require Travel to
International Headquarters

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All class sessions are supervised by qualified personnel trained in the procedures and
traditions of the martial arts.  Belt recognition and certification will be issued upon
Greca Choi Kwang-Do reserves the right to alter the days, hours of operation, classes, and
the right to terminate lessons to any student without notice.  In the case of termination, any
unused prepaid lessons will be refunded.

Lessons are not conducted on national holidays or in the case of bad weather.  In the event
of bad weather, a recording will be updated at the schools contact number on whether or
not the class will be held.  Greca Choi Kwang-Do will determine if make up classes will be
offered for weather related or holiday cancellations.

Greca Choi Kwang-Do maintains a code of conduct for all students and their families.
Students may only wear approved uniforms, training clothes, shoes, and safety gear in
class.  The school reserves the right to have students who come late, sit out the duration of
the class.  Repeated failure to meet conduct, dress code, and timeliness requirements can
result in termination of lessons.

Greca Choi Kwang-Do is not responsible for providing before or after class care for
students.  Students are not to be left at the school for excessive time period before or after
class.  Please make us aware if your child will be coming early or staying after class if your
schedule  occasionally necessitates it.

Customers are obligated to pay the above tuition whether or not the student attends
classes.  I further understand that failure to complete the lessons does not relieve me of my
obligation to pay the tuition in full and any that payment not paid as scheduled is subject to
a late fee and/or demand payment in full.

Failure to take lessons in the allocated time, without written request or approval, invalidate
the lessons beyond the expiration date.  I further understand that failure to complete the
lessons beyond the expiration date does not relieve me of my obligation to pay the tuition in

Unless specified, uniforms, clothing, equipment, merchandise, belt examination fee,
seminar fees, clinic fees are not included.
If you have any questions regarding our school policies, please don't
hesitate to contact us at:
Greca Choi Kwang-Do
(734) 697-1950
* NOTE: Attendance requirements listed are minimum requirements.  In
addition, consistent attendance (i.e. at least one class per week) is
required in order to be considered eligible to take an exam.

Eligibility for taking an exam also requires successful sign off on the
student's class progress report to ensure the student knows their
material and maintains proper positive attitude for success.

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