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We Are A Proud Affiliate of Choi Kwang-Do Martial Art International

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We Now Offer Children Enrichment and Professional Services
We are now offering new children enrichment and professional services
through our premier school.  Children enrichment activities such as summer
camps, clinics, class room or group presentations, field trips, and yes - we now
offer birthday parties too!  In addition, for the adults, we offer corporate
wellness programs, team building activities, special events in our facility
(members only), and private lessons.  You can download our latest brochures
using the links below.  Please don't hesitate to contact a staff member if you
have any questions or would like to take advantage of our special services.

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Mr. Craig Greca Featured in the Belleville Indepenent
Mr. Craig Greca has been given approval to test for the rank of Master
Instructor in Korea this October 2010.  The following article appeared in the
Belleville Independent highlighting this (Article Courtesy of the Belleville
Independent by Bob Mytych - Independent Sports Editor).
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Choi Kwang-Do International Seminar in Michigan - May 2011
Choi Kwang-Do Martial Art International held a Choi Kwang-Do seminar
featuring the one and only Grandmaster Kwang Choi in Michigan.   Students at
the event were able to:

  • Learning Directly From Grandmaster Choi - the Founder of Choi Kwang-Do!!!
  • Energizing training with Grandmaster Choi, Instructors, and Students from around
    the globe.
  • Previews of things to come for the students of Choi Kwang-Do
  • Demonstration Exhibitions by Demo Teams from all over the world including our
    own Greca CKD Demo Team.
by Stace Sanchez of Kickpics.net!!!
An Evening with Master Nigel Brophy!!!
Master Nigel Brophy, a Choi Kwang-Do Master Instructor from the UK
with over 35 years of martial arts experience, visited our studio on
Wednesday, Sept 28th! Master Brophy taught some great classes
and interacted with students through out the evening! Pictures are
posted on our facebook page.
Student of the
Tim Bowles
March 2013